At The Lock Up, our number one goal is to provide a service that reflects the unique needs of our customers. The individuals who approach us have a vast array of different and varied requirements, and our overarching aim is to cater to each of them to the very best of our abilities.
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This is why we offer specialist business storage for those in search of archiving and office/stock holding. Developed to meet the needs of companies operating within the professional services industry, this is primarily utilised by office-based businesses, blue chip retailers, estate agents, solicitors, and other similar concerns. 


The items that are stored in our specialist archiving units include everything from legal and compliance documents to wills, deeds, and filing audits, but one thing each of these has in common is the need to be properly organised. That’s why you’ll also find that our units are fully outfitted with racking and shelving for those who require it, so that specific documents can be easily located if ever they’re needed.

FREE business files COLLECTION

There are a number of ways that we tailor our services to meet the needs of this sort of client. Firstly, we understand that legal and compliance documents can contain information of a sensitive nature, which is why security is one of our primary concerns. In order to make certain that such items stay safe, our units have vent vents to circulate some air and prevent damp which are covered by 24/7 CCTV and alarmed at night. An electronic entry and exit system is also in place, so that we have full control over onsite access. 

* Free business file collection within a 10 mile radius

our unit sizes

50 Sqft Unit


  • Holds 100 medium sized boxes
  • An equivalent load to one Transit van

67 Sqft Unit


  • Holds 135 medium sized boxes
  • An equivalent load to two Transit vans

100 Sqft Unit


  • Holds 200 medium sized boxes
  • An equivalent load to two Luton vans

200 Sqft Unit


  • Holds 400 medium sized boxes
  • An equivalent load to four Luton vans

With dozens of different enterprises using our premises to their advantage, we’re confident that we can cater to all of your commercial needs. Why not get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team today to find out more?


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